You must be familiar with the tradition of the bride walking down the aisle to join the groom in front of the priest for the wedding ceremony. But, no one ever talks about the groom’s entry, well here it is. The wedding day begins with the groom coming to the wedding venue riding on a horse or an elephant (which in recent times have been replaced by chariots and vintage cars) with his family and friends dancing in front of him on the deafening beats of drums, trumpets and shehnai and this constitutes a baraat.

Clothes suggestion: on the wedding day we recommend you to wear a traditional Indian attire. Saree or lehenga for ladies, Kurta-Pyajama with sandals or jooti for men. These can be easily purchased when arriving in India.

Le jour du mariage commence avec le baraat: le futur marié fait son entrée, en général à cheval ou sur le dos d’un éléphant! Il est accompagné de sa famille et amis célébrant le mariage en dansant au bruit assourdissant des tambours et trompettes.

Suggestions de vêtements: le jour du mariage, il est recommandé de porter des vêtements traditionnels indiens que vous pouvez facilement achetés sur place. Saree ou lehenga pour les femmes; kurta-pyjama pour les hommes.

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